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  Shaanxi Yong Rui Ltd. was established in 1998, the company is located in Xi'an National Economic and Technological Development Zone Fengcheng 3; registered capital of 3 million yuan, fixed assets of 500 million, the existing staff of 80, has college education of technical management staff of 20 people; business in September 2003 through the national ISO9001 quality management certification.


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PA12 nylon Bundy tube
White galvanized pipe products
Glaucum blunt galvanized (army gray)
Color galvanized pipe products
Color galvanized pipe products
Olive green (dark green) galvanized
Coated PVF1
PVF tube products
PVF small cap thread
White zinc screw plate

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ADDRESS:No.3,Fengcheng?Second?Road,North?Economic?and?Technological?Development Zone,Xian,Shaanxi,China

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